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Enterprise Business Function

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SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0

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Sales and Distribution (SD-BF-SMI)

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With this Business Function you can optimize the collaboration between a customer's SAP systems (SAP ERP and SAP SNC) and the vendor's SAP ERP system during the replenishment process for the Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) scenario. The customer could be an original equipment manufacturer and the vendor could be an automotive component supplier, for example. You can execute an automatic exchange of SMI-relevant data between the customer and vendor. As vendor, you can automatically calculate replenishment proposals based on materials. Alternatively, you can plan the replenishment proposals in the SMI Monitor. These replenishment proposals are based on the customer's stock / requirements data and take the predefined value limits for material stock into account. In this function, all the important SNC data (such as time series for requirements, stock, and so on) is grouped together for each material and able to be edited.

If an error occurs, the system cancels the automatic planning process. You can use the SMI Monitor to edit the incorrect data and start subsequent processes.


You have installed the following components, as of SAP Enhancement Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0:

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SAP Enterprise Services

As of software component version EA_APPL 604, namespace

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Business Package for Supplier-Managed Inventory

The customer implements an SAP SNC system to send necessary data for replenishment planning to the vendor and receive the calculated planning data from the vendor using XML messages (ProductActivityNotification (inbound/outbound)).


If you activate the Supplier Managed Inventory for SNC-ERP Integration (LOG_SD_SMI) Business Function, the following functions are available:

  • Communication via XML messages

    Customers and vendors exchange SMI-relevant data for replenishment planning using XML messages (ProductAktivityNotifications). The customer sends the vendor the stock/requirements data. The vendor then returns the results of replenishment planning to the customer's SNC system. Usually this communication takes place automatically.

  • SMI Monitor

    In the SMI Monitor, the vendor can get a quick overview of the customer's stock/requirements situation of selected products and manually monitor and edit the replenishment planning process. The vendor analyzes the planning situation and solves problems by manually editing planned receipts, for example.

    Usually replenishment planning occurs automatically. The SMI Monitor merely enables the vendor to check (monitor) the process and make manual changes if necessary.

    The SMI Monitor is available in the Business Package for Supplier-Managed Inventory.

  • Business Package for Supplier-Managed Inventory

    In this Business Package, the role SMI Controller is available to vendors for replenishment planning:

    • SMI Monitor

      You can monitor SMI data, manually edit replenishment planning, and control the communication with the customer.

    • SMI Customizing

      You define the basis for automatic replenishment planning in Customizing. For example, you use SMI agreements or SMI profiles to define the corresponding settings.

    • Environment

      You can use the following transactions for processing SMI-relevant data:

      • Display SD Scheduling Agreement

      • Display Stock Overview

      • Create Outbound Delivery with Order Reference

      • Display Log

      • Display Stock/Requirements Situation

      • Monitoring the Integration Engine