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Function documentationDeduplication of Leads


You can use deduplication of leads to identify duplicate leads and merge them with prime leads, which are existing leads that share the same characteristics, such as lead type and prospect ID. The duplicate lead is then discarded.


You have assigned implementation classes for deduplication in Customizing, by choosing: Start of the navigation path Customer Relationship Management Next navigation step Transactions Next navigation step Settings for Leads Next navigation step Assign Classes for Deduplication End of the navigation path .

To be notified of lead deduplication, you have performed task-specific Customizing. For more information, see SAP Business Workflow for Notification of Lead Deduplication.


  • Search for duplicates

    You define the implementation class for searching for duplicates in Customizing.

  • Prime determination

    You define the implementation class for prime determination in Customizing.

  • Merging duplicates

    You define the implementation class for merging duplicates in Customizing.

    If the results of a duplication check show that your duplication criteria are met by an existing lead or leads, you can select a prime lead and merge the duplicate with it. The duplicate lead is then discarded.


  1. Select the lead that you want to check for duplicates.

  2. Under More, click Merge.

  3. From the dropdown list that appears, use the filter criteria to refine the search for the prime lead. This is the lead that shares one or more of the criteria of the lead you are checking, and that is to maintain its ID after the merge. Click Search and select your prime lead from the result list.

  4. To merge the leads, click Merge in the dialog box that appears, or to cancel the operation, click Cancel.