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Function documentationCollaborative Campaign Management


You can use the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application to plan, create, distribute, execute, and track campaigns in close collaboration with your channel partners.


The software for collaborative campaign management (CCM) uses or is integrated with various other areas or functions in SAP CRM:

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Marketing framework in SAP CRM


Business roles:

  • Channel manager (CHM-CM)

  • Partner manager (CHM-PM)

  • Marketing Professional (MARKETINGPRO)

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Master data, specifically business partner roles, business partner relationships, and products

Content management

CRM Content Management


To use this function, you must activate the business function Collaborative Campaign Management (CRM_MKT_CCM).

You have made the necessary configuration settings. For more information, see the Collaborative Campaign Management business scenario in SAP Solution Manager, by choosing Start of the navigation path SAP CRM Next navigation step Scenarios Next navigation step Partner Channel Management End of the navigation path.


Functions for Collaborative Campaign Development
  • You use a collaborative campaign to help plan various aspect of your campaign, and subsequently, perform tasks necessary to maintain the collaborative campaign.

    • As part of developing a collaborative campaign, you can attach a partner campaign template that includes target group, products, prices, and communication information - which is copied to partner campaigns that are generated later on. Channel partners working on the partner campaigns can then refine these details.

    • As part of maintaining a collaborative campaign, you can send mail notifications, perform status changes, monitor tasks such as campaign generation, and so on.

  • As brand owners, you can trigger a collaborative campaign and invite partners to enroll

    • You can define a list of channel partners that are invited to join a campaign. You can add channel partners either from a target group or from a manual channel partner search. Enrollment can be performed automatically or manually.

      Automatic/Manual Enrollment: You can choose whether all invited channel partners are to be enrolled automatically or whether additional manual enrollment by each channel partner is required.

      Automatic/Mass Enrollment: All invited partners are automatically enrolled. Channel partners are informed of the collaborative campaign and their enrollment.

      Manual Enrollment: Invited partners are notified of the campaign and asked to enroll.

    • Invited partners are visible in the partner list. You can see this list by clicking the Show Partner List button in the partner list overview assignment block on the collaborative campaign.

    • You can also view the current partner campaign enrollment status, and enrollment information.

Functions for Campaign Individualization
  • Once enrolled, channel partners receive access to their partner campaigns and target groups in the system. They can now use their local knowledge to refine parts of the campaign, such as the products and prices, partner-specific notes media and the target group – thus individualizing it.

  • As brand owners, you can support your channel partners by using campaign to-dos.

  • Additionally, as brand owners you can apply certain data cleansing mechanisms to the target groups of individualized campaigns. This for example, helps prevent customers who have opted out of receiving marketing communications, from being contacted.

Functions for Campaign Execution
  • Central campaign execution

    By executing the campaign centrally for your channel partners, you can help to ensure consistent positioning and timing.

  • Contact tracking

    You can obtain an overview of the effectiveness of your campaign in reaching your customers, and use this as the basis for pursuing leads.