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Function documentationContent Analysis


This function identifies for a specified content the categories that best suit this content and makes automatic category suggestions.

Content analysis is used in the E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) to analyze the content of inbound e-mails based on predefined search queries.

The suitable categories are determined by means of the search queries, which are assigned to the categorization schemas that are used.




Category modeler

You define content queries for content analysis in the category modeler.

If necessary, you can reset the content analysis in page area Application Areas for each application area. You do this by choosing Reset Content Analysis.

E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) automated processing

ERMS manages a high volume of inbound e-mails. This system partially automates routing and responding to e-mails.

The ERMS automated processing of e-mails uses content analysis to evaluate conditions that involve categories. The following ERMS components relate to content analysis:

  • Fact gathering

  • Rule operators Matches Category and Rule Attributes

Interaction Center (IC) WebClient

Content analysis provides suggested categories based on the content of e-mails that are sent to the Interaction Center WebClient and are selected for processing in the agent's inbox. These categories are then displayed in the relevant fields of the following IC-specific business transactions:

  • Service order

  • Service ticket

  • Complaints

  • Case management

  • Interaction record


You have made content analysis settings in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management by choosing Start of the navigation path CRM Cross-Application Components Next navigation step Multilevel Categorization Next navigation step Define Application Areas for Categorization End of the navigation path.


  • Automated categorization

    Category suggestions are made automatically using content queries.

  • Language detection

    Content analysis also supports automatic language detection for textual content.