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Process documentationExample of a Recurring Campaign


A recurring campaign is a campaign that runs at regular intervals. It is automated to run itself so that you do not have to create new campaigns all the time. These campaigns can be repeated as necessary and do not need to have an end date. The end date for a recurring campaign is determined from the start date and is based on the number of periods for this campaign.


A newsletter is sent out to a specific distribution list once a month. All of the people that have subscribed to a newsletter belong to target group. Every time the next period for this campaign is due, the target group is selected automatically by campaign automation. This target group then receives the monthly newsletter through the campaign communication channel.


  1. Create a campaign in Start of the navigation path Marketing Next navigation step Campaigns End of the navigation path.

  2. Click the Campaign Automation pushbutton.

  3. Select the Periodic Campaign indicator in the campaign details.

  4. Select the Period Type.

  5. Indicate how many periods you want to run the campaign for.

  6. Indicate how often you want to run the campaign.

  7. Save the campaign.