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Function documentationEvent-Triggered Campaigns


An event-triggered campaign is a campaign that is launched automatically either from a connector node in the process model, or externally, for example, from a business workflow.


Connector Nodes:

  • Are used in the process model to visualize the connections between normal and event-triggered campaigns

  • Indicate the ID of the event-triggered campaign and the scheduling data needed to determine the launch time for it

  • Cannot have a successor campaign step because the connector node is used to launch a new event-triggered campaign

    Note Note

    In event-triggered campaigns, unlike in normal campaigns, a decision node can be an acceptable successor to the start node because a business partner can be dispatched to the campaign upon launch. Then this business partner can be processed by the decision node.

    End of the note.

Relative Date Scheduling

You can set up relative dates for scheduling campaigns or campaign elements. These can be specified in the connector node details in campaign automation. For example, you can specify that an event-triggered campaign starts two weeks after all business partners have responded to a campaign.


To identify an event-triggered campaign, select the indicator Event-Triggered Campaign under General Data in the Campaign Details page when using campaign automation. The system marks event-triggered campaigns with an arrow symbol on the start node in the campaign automation modeling area.

You can only reset the event-triggered campaign indicator for campaigns that have not yet been released. You cannot delete an event-triggered campaign if it is linked to another campaign.