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This process provides a high level overview of the E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) ERMS Architecture of Automated Processing.

Process Flow

  1. The SAP CRM receives an inbound e-mail.

  2. Depending upon Customizing, the system sends an auto acknowledgement.

  3. Content analysis and fact gathering starts.

    Fact gathering service analyzes the e-mail content and retrieves its business context.

  4. Based upon fact gathering data, Customizing, and workflow settings, the system determines how to respond or route the e-mail. The following are possible:

    1. Determining which agent group is responsible for processing the e-mail

      Once the responsible agent group is determined, the e-mail is routed to the agent inbox.

    2. Sending of an auto response

    3. Setting certain parameters for the inbound e-mail such as priority or deadline


The e-mail is automatically processed. You can track statistics through ERMS reporting.

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