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Object documentationActivity


A task that is performed by one or more employees of a law enforcement agency, and that contributes to the progress of an investigation.


Activities can be created from the Create menu in the navigation bar, and from any investigative case management object. The activity details contain basic information about the activity, such as type, ID, category, main legal reference, attempt, location, time frame, and notes. The following additional information is used to describe the object in greater detail:

  • Relationships to other entities

    • Parties involved

      This includes persons or organizations connected in some way with the activity or incident.

    • Objects

      An example of an object would be a car that was stolen.

    • Locations

      This is where an activity or incident takes place.

    • Relationships

      This is any connection, association, or involvement between people, objects, or locations. For example, the suspect is the owner of the gun. When legal regulations require it, you can expunge records relating to individuals or organizations that have a defined relationship with an activity. You can only expunge records if the activity status is set to Completed.

    • Cases, leads, activities, and incidents

      An activity or incident can be involved in multiple cases, for example, a house search of a suspect involved in more than one case.

    • Staff and units

      Organizations and individuals responsible for investigative work connected with the activity or incident. The Internal checkbox shows whether the respective party is maintained in the organizational model.

  • Legal references

    If an activity requires legal justification, you can define a legal reference.

    You make the settings required for legal references in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under Start of the navigation path Industry-Specific Solutions Next navigation step Public Sector Next navigation step Investigative Case Management Next navigation step Activities and Incidents Next navigation step Define Legal References End of the navigation path.

  • Change history

    Shows all changes made to the activity data. For more information, see Change History and Partner History. Note that change history is only available for activities.