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Function documentationInvestigative Case Management


The Investigative Case Management (ICM) component supports law enforcement authorities, intelligence organizations or similar organizations during their investigations of criminal activity or during measures associated with the enforcement of public security.

Investigative Case Management supports you during:

  • Entry and linking of data and access control to this sensitive data.

  • Categorization of incidents and crimes and the associated coordination of investigation activities or resource planning.

  • Management of investigation records and collaboration with other organizations such as the public prosecutor.


Investigative Case Management can be used in integration with the SAP ERP component Defense Forces & Public Security and also allows the use of Collaboration Projects.


The following diagram shows an overview of the main functions that are available in the Investigative Case Management (ICM) component. For more detailed information about the functions, see the relevant documentation.

  • ICM provides a configurable entity model in which you can enter detailed data for the entities Case, Lead, Location, Object, Person and Organization, Incident and Activity. You can create associations between the respective entity data using Relationships and rate the reliability of the linked data using a Reliability Matrix.

  • You can use a cross-object search to access the data entered. Specialist authorization functions control whether data can be displayed or modified according to the respective employee or employee group involved. One module in this ICM Authorization Control is the CRM Access Control Engine (ACE).

  • You can bundle an incident and the associated data collected for this incident in a lead or a case. You can use the case to collect and prepare data in a structured format as an investigation record for case facts that are to be submitted as part of a criminal investigation.

  • You can use ICM in integration with Collaboration Projects and SAP Defense Forces & Public Security when investigating complex criminal activities or during resource planning for major resources.