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Function documentationCRM Content Management


High-performance Content Management is an important component of a successful CRM landscape. In CRM Content Management, you can enhance CRM business objects such as products, product catalogs, or business partners with "unstructured" data such as documents, graphics, or multimedia objects.


  • You have used transaction SICF to create an external alias //default_host/sap/bc/contentserver, which contains anonymous logon data and refers to the target element //default_host/sap/bc/contentserver.

    To display documents, the system requires anonymous logon data for the service //default_host/sap/bc/contentserver for HTTP access to the content server.

  • The service //default_host/sap/bc/contentserver is active.


When processing business objects, the system accesses the relevant Content Management functions.

SAP Content Management provides the following functions:

  • Integration of the user interface with the different CRM applications.

  • Linking of content and business objects.

  • Technical Content Management functions such as folder management and saving content to content servers.

  • Content saving to a database

  • Content versioning

  • Grouping of thematically connected content objects by using folder templates

    To use folders and documents in the different applications, you can define folder templates, which, in turn, must be assigned to the relevant business object types.

  • Metadata management

  • Integration with the ArchiveLink functionality

    In Customizing, you can define which documentation for the appropriate business objects is linked to the ArchiveLink functions. You do this in Customizing, by choosing Start of the navigation path SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step Application Server Next navigation step Basis Services Next navigation step ArchiveLink End of the navigation path. Additionally, you can create ArchiveLink documents from Content Management.

  • Integration of Internet documents by entering the appropriate URLs

  • Import and export of documents

  • Where-Used list

    You can display a list of all business objects to which a given document is assigned.

  • Content search

    You can search for all the documents in Content Management, that is, you can also search for documents that belong to other business objects.

The graphic below shows the layout of the Content Management interface:


Content Management can only be applied to the different areas of the CRM system. There is no cross-system integration outside of CRM, that is, content sharing with systems external to CRM is not possible.