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Function documentationE-Mail Workbench


The E-Mail Workbench is an overview of e-mail processing in an interaction center, which you can also use as a means to mass process e-mails.

You can access the E-Mail Workbench in the CRM WebClient UI by choosing Start of the navigation path IC Manager Next navigation step E-Mail Workbench End of the navigation path.

You can perform manual operations for e-mails, such as searching, routing, forwarding, re-categorizing, and deleting e-mails. You can also view the specific rules that were invoked for a particular e-mail and process escalated e-mails.

You can view and in some cases edit the following elements of an e-mail:

  • E-mail text

  • Attachments

  • Rules for processing the e-mail

  • Associated categories, that you can add or remove. Automated processing can assign categories to e-mails as determined from Multilevel Categorization. You can change these categories if the assignment is not accurate or complete.

  • The Fact Base

  • Related e-mails


  • You have set up and actively used ERMS to process incoming e-mails.

  • You have set UT_ERMS_REPLICAT as your ERMS service manager profile for Directly Called Services. You do this in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management by choosing Start of the navigation path E-Mail Response Management System Next navigation step Service Manager Next navigation step Define Service Manager Profiles End of the navigation path.