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Process documentationE-Mail Threading Process


This process describes e-mail threading using service tickets as the relevant business object.


You have defined e-mail threading.


  1. The customer sends an e-mail.

  2. Either an agent sends a manual response or the system sends an automatic response.

    Manual Response

    1. The agent processes the e-mail and creates a service ticket.

    2. The agent replies to the e-mail.

    3. The system uses the mail form you entered in the agent's e-mail profile. It inserts the mail form text and tracking text into the outgoing e-mail. The system populates the variable with the actual service ticket number that was just created.

    Automatic Response

    1. The e-mail response management system processes the e-mail automatically and creates a service ticket, as defined through an action.

    2. The system sends a reply to the customer as defined in an action, such as Send Auto Acknowledgement.

    3. The system uses the mail form that is defined as a parameter in the Send Auto Acknowledgement action. The mail form includes the service ticket tracking variable. When the system sends the reply, the variable is populated with the service ticket number that was just created.

  3. The customer replies to the e-mail and sends it back to the interaction center.

  4. The fact gathering services scan the e-mail and pick up the tracking text and store this in the fact base during automated processing.

  5. The e-mail is associated to the service ticket.

  6. The e-mail is routed to the agent who is processing the service ticket through a rule that uses the Route to Service Ticket Responsible action.