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Process documentationWorkflow for ERMS


This workflow is used for the E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) in the Interaction Center.

ERMS allows automated processing of inbound e-mails received via SAPconnect. E-mails can be automatically responded to or routed to an agent group for manual processing. An inbound communication triggers the workflow template WS00200001, which controls the work item processing and fulfills several tasks.

The following system tasks are the most important:

  • Determining the responsible agent group and routing the work item to that group

  • Deleting and stopping further manual processing

For a complete list of tasks, see the workflow template WS00200001 in the workflow definition tools.


ERMS configuration activities are completed. For more information, see SAP Solution Manager.


  1. The incoming e-mail is received.

  2. Task TS00207915 ERMS Rule Execution invokes the service manager.

    The service manager provides capabilities (necessary to process e-mails) such as fact gathering, content analysis, and rule processing.

  3. Depending on the outcome of the service manager invocation, the system continues processing the work item by one of the following steps:

    • Delete

      You can determine when the system deletes an item by using a rule, for example, in cases of junk e-mail (spam). Task TS66107918 ERMS Delete E-Mail removes the office document. The workflow is ended.

    • Do not process further

      You define when processing is stopped in either a rule or in one of the services in the service manager.

    • Route

      Task TS00207914 ERMS Decision forwards the work item to an agent or agent group as selected by the processor determination.

The processor determination decides which agents are responsible for a work item. Task TS00207914 determines which agents or agent groups are eligible for processing e-mails. The actual determination of which agent or agent group receives the work item is defined in rules.

Technical Execution

The following technical information is useful if you wish to customize your own workflow:

  • Workflow template

    The actual procedure is implemented in the workflow template WS00200001 (ERMS1).

  • Triggering events for the workflow template

    The event MailReceived of Business Object Repository (BOR) object ERMSSUPRT2 is maintained as a triggering event in the template WS00200001.

  • Processing methods

    The following table explains how methods of BOR object ERMSSUPRT2 are used in the corresponding tasks of the workflow template WS00200001:




    Receives the mail from SAPconnect


    Raises the event MailReceived and triggers workflow