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Function documentationEnhancing Case Categories


You can enhance case categories to add and define your own case attributes, and to link object types to your case categories. You do this using the wizard in the Easy Enhancement Workbench.

If you want to add fields or object links, the wizard also allows you to use inheritance rules.

Transporting case category schemas between different systems, and importing and merging new schemas with your existing ones is supported.

If you enhance the case categories, you need to perform additional steps for the fields to appear in the UI. For more information, see Enhancements with the Easy Enhancement Workbench in CRM.


In the Easy Enhancement Workbench, you create a new project and then create a new extension. (For more information, see Creating Projects and Extensions). When you create the extension, ensure that you choose CATEGORY_ENHANCEMENT as the business object. You can choose whether you want to create an extension for attributes or for object links. For the Extension Type field choose either ADD_ATTRIBUTES or ADD_OBJECT_LINKS. Depending on which extension type you choose, different screens appear in the wizard with different instructions.

When you have completed the fields for creating the extension, the wizard starts automatically.