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Case Management supports a variety of functions to make documents in electronic formats available in cases. When you create a case, you can upload attachments from your hard drive or you can link to documents on your hard drive. All documents that are linked to cases are physically saved in CRM Content Management or ArchiveLink. You can always access and manage the documents by using CRM Content Management or SAP Product Lifecycle Management.



You can use the case record structure to link record documents to the model nodes provided in the record. The assigned record model predefines the respective object (record documents or other business objects such as business partners) for each model node. You can edit the list of records linked to the case and the type of record.

Each record document occupies its own instance node in the record hierarchy. Changes to a document are saved as a new version of the document in CRM Content Management.


In Case Management, you can process case documents using an unstructured collection of case documents, or you can also create folders or structures of folders to flexibly structure existing documents. You can even work with document templates from CRM Content Management. You can upload these from the Content Management system or set a link to them.


You can assign activities with case notes to a case. A notes document is attached the case but does not appear in the record structure. It is a separate element.


In Case Management, you can upload documents from SAP PLM, or from the Content Management system. If you want, you can attach the document as a link or append the actual document to the case. If you upload a document from Content Management and you edit the document, it is saved as a new version. You can also upload a document from a local hard drive and attach it to the case. If there is an existing attachment linked to the case with the same name, you can overwrite it with the most current one from your hard drive. However, in this case no version management occurs.

You can upload a URL as an attachment. It is then a link to any valid external or internal Web site.