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Process documentationRating Procedure and Credit Rating Check in SAP CRM


The credit rating check lets you to check your customer's ability to pay (credit rating) on the basis of ratings that you have stored in the business partner master for the customer (in the role Payer). You can also use business partner ratings from external providers (for example, Dun & Bradstreet or SCHUFA).

This allows you to minimize the risk of missing payments without needing to check the outstanding receivables in your Financial Accounting system (for example, SAP).

A given business partner rating can trigger the following actions:

  • Writing of a message to the application log as information for the employee

  • Set a system or user status at header or item level

  • Execute a customer-developed program (BAdI implementation), for example, workflow


Settings for Credit Management
  • You have created rating procedures with ratings.

  • You have configured the system reactions (message, status) to specific ratings.

  • If you want to trigger a workflow for a specific rating, you must implement a Business Add-In and assign it to the rating.

  • You have created a rating profile and assigned it to the appropriate transaction type.

To make the settings for Credit Management, choose Start of the navigation path Basic Functions Next navigation step Credit Management End of the navigation path in Customizing for Customer Relationship Management.

Settings for Status Management

You have created the appropriate status in a status determination procedure, and you have assigned the status determination procedure to the appropriate transaction type. You have also specified the user statuses for which certain subsequent order functions (for example, delivery) are to be locked.

To make settings for status management, choose Start of the navigation path Customer Relationship Management Next navigation step Transactions Next navigation step Basic Settings Next navigation step Status Management Next navigation step Change Status Profile for User Status End of the navigation path in Customizing.

Business Partner Master Data

You have maintained valuations for the role Payer in the master data for your business partners. For further information, see Ratings.


  1. The system automatically starts the credit rating check in a business transaction in one of the following cases:

    • You enter a new payer, or the system has determined a new payer via partner determination.

    • You enter a new item.

  2. The system determines the rating profile and the corresponding rating procedure according to the transaction type of the order. It checks in the sequence of the rating procedure whether a rating exists for the payer.

  3. The system reads the business partner master of the payer in order to determine the rating that is valid for the order date.

    If there is no rating maintained for the payer, the system reads the rating for the next highest partner in the Business Partner Group Hierarchy. A group hierarchy of type Pricing must exist for this.

  4. The system writes the message provided for the rating to the application log.

  5. The system sets the user status (at header or item level).

  6. If you have defined a Business Add-In in Customizing, the system executes this BAdI implementation.

    Note Note

    If you want a business partner to be treated differently from usual, then you must create a separate rating procedure for this business partner and assign the rating to it. You then enter this rating procedure into the rating profile. The system then first determines the rating procedure for this partner, while continuing on to the second rating procedure for the other business partners (for whom no ratings exist in the first procedure).

    End of the note.


Depending on the settings in Status Management, certain subsequent functions (for example, credit limit check or delivery) are locked by the status. For further information, see Processing Blocked Transactions.

For optimum risk coverage, you can then run a credit limit check against the customer's credit commitment in the SAP ECC system. For more information, see Automatic Credit Check.


The customer Construction PLC orders 100 tires from you. Construction PLC has rating Aa1 – Excellent in their business partner master data.

After the credit rating check, the salesperson receives the following results:

  • The following message appears: Customer Construction PLC has the rating "Excellent".

  • The status of the transaction is "Credit Rating Check OK".

  • The credit limit check is blocked, since a credit limit check is not required for customers with an excellent credit rating.