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Process documentationEasy Enhancement Workbench for Funds Management


Using the Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEW) for funds management, you can enhance the data model of funds plans and funds with new fields. You can do this by enhancing the corresponding subobjects of the business transaction; which include the user-defined header data (CUSTOMER_H) for funds plans, and the fund header data (FUND_H) for funds. For more information, see Adding New Fields to the Business Transaction. You can make these new fields visible on the CRM WebClient UI. You can also add them to the fund data that is extracted to SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI).


  1. To add new fields to the business transaction, in the EEW in SAP CRM, choose the BUSINESS_TRANSACTION business object and the ADD_NEW_FIELDS extension type.

    The Wizard for New Fields in Business Transaction dialog box appears.

  2. To start enhancing the data model for the CRM business transaction with new fields, choose Continue.

  3. Enter an extension title and choose Continue.

  4. Select the CRM Fund - Funds Management business transaction type and choose Continue.

  5. Enter a field label, specify the data type, and field length (for character strings and numerical fields only), and then choose Continue.

  6. Select the Head indicator, then from the Subobject dropdown list, select Fund Header Segment, and then choose Continue.

    The new fields are added to the BTFUNDH fund header segment.

  7. If you want a field to be transferred to SAP NetWeaver BI, select the corresponding BW indicator.

  8. If you want to allow an advanced search on the field in the Interaction Center WebClient (IC WebClient), select the corresponding Search indicator, and then choose Continue.

    An overview of the attributes of the fields that you defined appears.

  9. To save your entries, choose Complete.

    The new fields are created.

Technical Implementation

You can now integrate the new fields with the CRM WebClient UI and SAP NetWeaver BI.

Integration with CRM WebClient UI

To add the new fields to the CRM WebClient UI, make the required settings in Customizing for Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), by choosing Start of the navigation path UI Framework Next navigation step UI Framework Definition Next navigation step Configure User Interface. End of the navigation path

Integration with SAP NetWeaver BI
  1. To make the new fields visible in the fund data extraction to SAP NetWeaver BI in Maintain DataSources (transaction RSA6), choose Start of the navigation path BW DataSources Next navigation step ROOT Next navigation step 0CRM Next navigation step 0CRM_FM Next navigation step 0CRM_FM-IO Next navigation step 0CRM_FM_FND End of the navigation path and then choose Change DataSource (Change DataSource).

    The DataSource: customer version Edit screen appears.

  2. Find the fields you want to make visible and deselect the corresponding Hide Field indicators.

  3. Choose Save (Save).

    If the field has an entry, it is displayed the next time fund data extraction to SAP NetWeaver BI is performed.