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You can use this business process to plan non-promoted sales for a planning account.

Account planning provides you with a sophisticated picture of all planned revenue, associated costs and contribution margin. This enables you to make more informed decisions during planning, and to better control costs from trade spends and discounts. Planning is embedded in general account management functions, and is easy to use and accessible.

The integration of account planning with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI) and SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ERP) systems reduces the administrative effort of maintaining data, and can increase the accuracy of this data.

Together, account planning in the CRM Server and Account Planning with CRM Mobile Sales contribute to increased transparency in planning processes, leading to benefits in sales planning and production planning.

Process Flow


The process for account planning in SAP CRM is as follows:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

       1.      Plan overall sales target and budget (SAP NetWeaver BI)

It is possible for company headquarters to set sales targets at product-brand level, and then to distribute these targets top-down.


This must be set up separately in SAP NetWeaver BI.

       2.      System receives sales targets (CRM Server)

       3.      Plan sales figures and promotions by account (CRM Server)

Planning is driven from past sales as well as from target information. Account planning enables you to do total sales forecasting, and includes discount and rebate planning. In addition, trade promotions that are related to the account plan are displayed.

       4.      System receives plan data (SAP NetWeaver BI)

Account planning sends planning data to SAP NetWeaver BI. The data is therefore available for reporting, and for integration with other planning applications.

       5.      System generates pricing conditions (CRM Server)

The system generates pricing conditions from the discounts or rebates that you enter in the account plan.

       6.      System receives pricing conditions (SAP ERP)

Account planning sends pricing conditions to SAP ERP. When a customer orders a product, the system includes the discounts agreed in the account plan in the sales order.


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