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An enhancement set is used to group several component enhancements together.


  • An enhancement set contains the enhancement definition that shows the assigned BSP application and the assigned runtime repository.

  • You can define as many enhancement sets as you like, but only one enhancement set is active at runtime.

  • Based on the enhancement set, you can create enhancements in the BSP Component Workbench.

Caution Caution

The enhancement set is not yet available as an attribute in the UI configuration tool. Therefore, you can only have one configuration for every enhancement. If a configuration is created for an enhanced object, some objects that are used in this configuration may not be available for the corresponding object that is not enhanced.

End of the caution.


Define Enhancement Set

To define an enhancement set, use transaction SM34. Open the view cluster BSPWDVC_CMP_EXT and create the enhancement set that you can later use in the BSP Component Workbench. You only need to enter a name and a description, because the definition is automatically filled later when you create enhancements in the BSP Component Workbench.

Determine Active Enhancement Set

If the determination of an enhancement set at runtime is not only to be based on the client, but on other criteria, such as the user or the profile, you need to use a Business Add-In (BAdI). You can use the Object Navigator (SE80) to open package CRM_BSP_WD. Open the enhancement spot COMPONENT_HANDLING with the BAdI definition COMPONENT_LOADING and the DEFAULT implementation. This implementation uses the customizing entries from BSPWD_EHSET_ASGN to determine the enhancement based on a client. You can also use this BAdI to implement other determination rules for an enhancement set.

Assign Enhancement Set to a Client

To assign an enhancement set to a client, use transaction SM30. Open table BSPWDV_EHSET_ASG to make the necessary assignment. You can only assign one enhancement set to a client.