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Procedure documentation Assign Product Categories to Products   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The Product Category is assigned to the products which it defines from the perspective of each specific Product.

Product Maintenance transactions automatically display new Set Type’s Attributes for data entry after they are assigned to a Product.


Materials must be downloaded from the OLTP System for CRM Version 2.0B.
Materials may also be downloaded from the OLTP System with Version 2.0C, but Products can also be created within the Product Master Workbench in 2.0C.


Refer to topic called Assigning Products to Product Categories in CRM 2.0C help system for detailed instruction on how to assign a Product Category to a Product.

  1. In the CRM 2.0B user menu, choose Maintain Products. In the CRM 2.0C user menu, choose Master Data à Product à Product Workbench (In all releases, this can also be executed via transaction COMMPR01). The Product Workbench appears.
  2. On the tab page Search in the locator, select the product you require by
    1. Entering the corresponding selection criteria (example, Product Type in Display and a partial Product Number in ID/Description)
    2. Choosing Find, or select the product from your Worklist.
  1. If the Product Workbench is in display mode, choose Display / Change to switch to change mode.
  2. On the Basic Data tabstrip’s Product categories grid table,
    1. Enter (or choose the pull-down list) the Category Hierarchy containing the Hierarchy to which you want to assign the product
    2. Choose the Category ID from its pull-down list within the Category Hierarchy which should be assigned to the Product.
  1. Save your data.


A record will be created in CRM application database for each Product which is assigned to the new Attributes. The database table containing the Attribute data will be the same name as the Set Type.

After saving the assignment of the Product to a Product Category, the Attributes of the Set Types within the Product Category will be displayed for viewing or maintenance within the Product Maintenance dialog’s tabstrip representing the View ID specified within the Product Category for the Set Type.

Only the new Attribute fields may be updated in the Maintain Products transaction and no BDocs are generated when the Product is saved.