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FunctionUser Implementation of BAdI for Appended Fields


You must create your own implementation for Business Add-In CRM_MKTLIST_BADI, if fields have been added to the structure of CRMT_MKTLIST_ADR_EXT, CRMT_MKTLIST_PER_EXT, CRMT_MKTLIST_ORG_EXT or CRMT_MKTLIST_CP_EXT.

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For more information, see Customizing for CRM by choosing   Marketing   External List Management   Business Add-Ins (BAdIs)   Define Execution of Steps  .

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You have maintained the mapping format to map the additional fields of the append structure.


  • You can implement this BAdI method similarly to the default implementation available in the method CREATE_BUSINESS_PARTNERS of the class CL_DEF_IM_CRM_MKTLIST_BADI. The default implementation of the method CREATE_BUSINESS_PARTNERS uses the private methods CREATE_PERSON and CREATE_ORGANIZATION to create business partners of type Person and Organization respectively. The address data is available inside these private methods. This data is assigned to the relevant structures that are used to create business partners.

  • In these private methods, you can assign the additional data now available in the import parameters to the relevant fields of the structure used to create business partners.

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