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Each catalog has at least one variant. Catalog variants enable you to maintain catalogs in different languages and for different sales areas. You therefore create a catalog variant for customers in a certain country.


You have already created a catalog header.

Process Flow


       1.      To start the process, choose Customer Relationship Management Master Data Product Catalog Maintain Product Catalog.

       2.      In the overview tree, select the catalog header.

       3.      In the variant data area, enter data as required.


Under maintenance language, you can specify the language in which you want to process the description of the catalog variant. In the language column in the table, select the variant language. You can create catalog variants for one catalog in several languages.

Using the distribution channel and the sales organization, you control which products are included in the product catalog.

       4.      Save your entries.

For further information, see Product Catalog Variants.


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