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Process documentationCreate Catalog Headers Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You need to create catalog headers if you plan to create catalog areas or catalog variants.


        You have set the catalog types in Customizing.

        When managing lists of catalog characteristics, you have created a list of catalog characteristics that you can use as a basic list of characteristics.

Process Flow


       1.      Choose Customer Relationship Management Master Data and Generic Services Product Catalog Maintain Product Catalog.

       2.      Enter a catalog name and choose a catalog type.

       3.      Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

       4.      In the header area, enter a language-dependent description.


Using the Description Language Key you can create descriptions in other languages.

       5.      In the basic data area, enter a validity period for the catalog and a list of basic characteristics (both are optional).

       6.      Save your entries.


You have created a catalog header and can now create:

        One or more catalog variants

        One or more catalog areas


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