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This function allows you to create a list of prices valid at a certain date for a certain list of products and group of business partners.

You can use price lists to make your current prices available in list form at any time. You can create price lists individually for customers or customer groups and certain products.


The furniture company Holz & Leim publishes a catalog in color every year without details of prices. They provide a different price list with the catalog for each customer group. Price list A for major customers contains quantity discounts and no value-added tax, price list B for end customers contains prices with tax.


You can use price lists in the following functions and processes:

     Product Proposals

The system simulates price lists for product proposals in order to display product proposals with prices in a sales document before pricing has taken place for the document. For more information, see Structure linkProduct Proposals in Quotation and Order.

     Trade Promotion Management

In Trade Promotion Management, you use price lists to calculate the prices of a promotion.


You have assigned a pricing procedure to your required price list type in Customizing. You make these settings in the Implementation Guide (IMG) for SAP CRM at Master Data  Price Lists.

If you want to print or send the price list by e-mail, you also have to assign an action profile in this activity.



The price list has a validity period. The pricing date corresponds to the price list’s valid-from date.

The system can create price lists from the following master data:

     Business partners and products

You can also enter the node of a business partner group hierarchy.

     Partner/product ranges (PPRs)

     Business partners and PPRs

If the PPR also contains partners, the partners of the intersection are chosen.

The system uses the sales as the unit of measure. If no sales unit is available, the system takes the base unit of measure from the product master.


The system creates one list per customer. In the list, the products, sorted by product ID, are displayed with their prices.

You can print the list, send it by e-mail, or save it as a file.


Two reports are available that you can schedule as background jobs:

     Create price lists (BEAR_CNPL_PDL_PROCESS)

The system generates a document when creating a price list. You can use this document to assess, send and archive the data afterwards.

     Update price lists (recalculate prices) (BEAR_CNPL_PL_PROCESS)

You can change the validity period of existing price lists, and update the prices. In the PC UI you are only able to display price lists.

In the SAP Easy Access Menu, choose Master Data Price Lists.



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