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You can include hyperlinks to your text in the mail form. You can also define the tracking attributes for your Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) and categories.


You have created the text node in which the URL is to be included.


     You have two tracking options: Tracking via Target Site (++) and Tracking via Intermediate Site (## ).

     The Tracking via Target Site option is suitable only for internal Web pages as in the Web shop, where GUID information can be recorded.

     For all other cases, use the Tracking via Intermediate Site option.


When the E-mail is sent out, the tracking option is replaced with a GUID identifying the business partner and campaign combination.

     In the case of HTML mails, you can take advantage of the multiple-link tracking feature.

     Using the categories for the hyperlinks together with tracking allows you to generate reports on visits to categories of links as well as to individual links.


Choose Insert URL in the HTML Editor to define the Internet address, link description and tracking options. To enter a link to a Web site, choose the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (Hyperlink) icon and enter the Internet address. The internet address is highlighted in blue.


The URL you enter can have a maximum length of 1024 characters.

        In plain text mail, you can enter the text to be hyperlinked to the URL, highlight the text, and select the Hyperlink icon.

        To revert to standard text, choose the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (Format) icon.


The Hyperlink icon must always be used for the following reasons:

      If you enter links without the icon, the links may become broken (separated) when the mail is generated.


Tracking IDs can only be added to a link if the link is highlighted correctly.

        By entering a ++ or ## sign at the end of the standard internet address, (for example: \\, the system adds a tracking ID to the mail. This enables you to monitor whether the recipient branches to the Web site.

     If you use the Tracking via Target Site option,  the Internet address must refer to a Web page from which a function module in the CRM system can be called up via a remote function call (RFC). At this point, the Web page must transfer the identifier from the Web page to the function module CRM_IM_BP_DATA_GET_TO_MAIL. The identifier can be found after MIG=......

     One way of calling up CRM_IM_BP_DATA_GET_TO_MAIL per RFC is by using the service ISAB2C in CRM Internet Sales. If, in transaction se80, you call up the Internet Service ISAB2C and view the template PORTAL_B2C, you can copy the point at which CRM_IM_BP_DATA_GET_TO_MAIL is called up (stored in the flow logic) and use it as a template for your own pages.



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