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Component documentationSAP Customer Activity Repository


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SAP Customer Activity Repository


SAP Customer Activity Repository 2.0 FP2



  • SAP FIORI FOR SAP CARAB 1.0 SPS4 (Front-End)

Technical Stack

SAP Note 2088924Information published on SAP site (Release Information Note for SAP Customer Activity Repository retail applications bundle 1.0)


SAP Customer Activity Repository (also referred to throughout this documentation as “the repository”) is a foundation that collects transactional data that was previously spread over multiple independent applications in diverse formats. The repository provides a common foundation and a harmonized multichannel transaction data model for all consuming applications.

SAP Customer Activity Repository is composed of the following modules:



Software Component

POS Data Transfer and Audit

Collects point-of-sale transaction data from stores, storing it in transaction logs, processing it for a number of data consistency checks, and exposing it to consuming applications and analytics.


Multichannel Transaction Data Management

Collects a wide variety of data types (such as transaction, inventory, and master data) from multiple sources to provide an overview of business activities across all channels.


Unified Demand Forecast

Provides consuming applications with demand modeling and demand forecasting services, providing retailers with insights into shopper behavior and consumer demand.


Demand Data Foundation

Provides consuming applications with planning, analysis, and forecasting capabilities based on a proprietary data model, data import infrastructure, and mass maintenance tools.


Inventory Visibility

Provides retailers with a near real-time view on inventory in their business.


On-Shelf Availability

Provides retailers with real-time insight into availability of products on their store shelves.




SAP Customer Activity Repository is designed to function with both receiving and consuming applications.

A receiving application is one that receives data sent from the repository using outbound tasks. SAP Customer Activity Repository integrates with the following receiving applications:

  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW)

  • SAP ERP for Retail

  • SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (F&R)

  • SAP Workforce Management (WFM)

A consuming application is one that makes use of, or consumes, data stored in the repository using SAP HANA views included in the SAP HANA Content for SAP Customer Activity Repository. SAP Customer Activity Repository integrates with the following consuming applications:

  • SAP Assortment Planning for Retail

  • SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence, in particular, the SAP Audience Discovery and Targeting workset

  • SAP Merchandise Planning for Retail

  • SAP Promotion Management for Retail

Similarly, you can use SAP BusinessObjects to build custom analytical reports on the virtual data models (VDMs) included in the SAP HANA content for SAP Customer Activity Repository.