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This function enables you to set up Business Process Flows (BPFs). BPFs organize business processes into a prepackaged set of application tasks. Any of the available features for users within the Web and Office interfaces can be used by a business process flow. Using a Web interface that is accessible from Office and other Web interfaces, users are guided through a set of predefined sequential tasks.

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The administration console is the only location where BPF templates and instances can be created. The Web and Excel interfaces provide user access only.

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  • The administration console must be installed.

  • You need to have Manage BPF permissions to create BPF templates and instances.


The following functions are available to authorized users:

  • You can create a BPF template on which to base BPF instances. For more information, see Creating New Business Process Flow Templates.

    • You can delete BPF templates by choosing Delete BPF Template in the action pane. Deleting a BPF template does not delete any of the BPF instances created from that template.

    • You can copy an existing BPF template and make changes as required to the new template.

    • You can modify an existing template by selecting Modify BPF Template from the Business Process Flows Tasks action pane.

  • You can create and manage a BPF instance. A BPF instance is a working business process flow based on a BPF template. For more information, see Creating Business Process Flow Instances and Management of Business Process Flow Instances.

  • You can view BPF reports. Selecting Reports in the action pane of the administration console opens the reports function in the Web interface. For more information, see Reporting on Business Process Flows.


You can set up a single business process flow that can be used across applications within an application set. BPF instance identifiers serve as a key for opening a single instance of a business process flow.

One instance of the monthly process Resource Planning uses a specific category dimension member, such as Actual, and a specific time period, such as 2009.JUN.

This allows you to distinguish different versions of the same BPF.

More Information

You can find information about how to set up the e-mail notification function in the 7.5 NW Operations Guide under Set Up of BPF E-Mail Notifications.

For details of what the e-mail notification function provides on the user side, see Business Process Flows.