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Business Process Flows (BPFs) guide users through the sequence of tasks within a defined business process. Business process flows are comprised of steps that must be completed sequentially, and substeps, which can be optional. Depending on a user's role, the steps available to them can involve completing actions, or reviewing submitted actions.

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A business process flow can only be defined for end-user tasks, and not for administrative tasks.

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The following functions are available:

  • Business Process Flows: My Activities

    For information about this function, see Business Process Flows: My Activities.

  • Business Process Flows: Monitor

    For more information about this function, see Business Process Flows: Monitor.

  • Business Process Flows: Reports

    For more information about this function, see Reporting on Business Process Flows.

  • E-mail notifications

    Instance owners receive an e-mail notification when a new instance is created or an action is taken in a specific instance. The owner of a step region receives a notification when the step region is ready for action to be taken. The responsible reviewer for a step region receives notification that the step region is ready for review.

    When a BPF instance is created, all users with access to the BPF monitor receive a notification.

    The BPF Instance owner receives an e-mail notification when the BPF is completed and ready to be finalized.

Note Note

A BPF instance is an iteration of a business process flow template that is in active use.

Example: An authorized user can create a BPF template called Monthly Reporting to coordinate the monthly reporting activities of various personnel. When that user, or another authorized user, creates a business process flow for a specific period, such as November 2009, based on the Monthly Reporting template, the November 2009 BPF is considered an instance. In this example, there are 12 instances of the Monthly Reporting BPF, one for each month of the year.

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