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You can generate reports on business process flows. Reports can be viewed online and printed.


The following types of reports are available for business users. These are available in the BPF Web interfaces of Monitor or My Activities. You can also link to the reports in the Web interface from the administration console:

  • Audit Report

    Provides details of the BPF template and instance management, and the operations on the step regions. If a user completes a step region, a record for this operation is added to the BPF audit report if the audit switch is on.

  • Active Instances Report

    Displays all active BPF instances; you can select a specific template with a current completion status and completion percentage. To display this report, you must have both the task access for BPF administration and the template access authorization.

  • Active Instance Step Regions Report

    Displays all active step regions, including the current step region status, owners, and reviewers of a specific BPF template and instance. To display this report, you must have the task access for BPF administration authorization, and satisfy at least one of the following conditions: Be the instance owner, or a step region owner or reviewer of the instance.

  • Archived Instances Report

    Authorized users of the administration console can use this report to display all processes that have been completed and archived, and their related activities. To display this report, you must have the task access for BPF administration authorization.


Select the report that you want to run from the Business Process Flows action pane in the Interface for the Web. Enter the required data and generate the report.