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The Analysis plug-in allows multidimensional analysis of OLAP sources in Microsoft Excel, MS Excel workbook application design, and intuitive creation of BI presentations with MS PowerPoint. The Plug-in is available for the following Microsoft Office versions:
  • Microsoft Office 2013 (Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (Excel and PowerPoint)

In the Analysis plug-in, you can use SAP BEx Queries, query views and SAP Netweaver BW InfoProvider as data sources. The data is displayed in the workbook in crosstabs. You can insert multiple crosstabs in a workbook with data from different sources and systems. If the workbook will be used by different users, it is also helpful to add info fields with information on the data source and filter status.

Using the design panel, you can analyze the data and change the view on the displayed data. You can add and remove dimensions and measures to be displayed easily with drag and drop. To avoid single refreshes after each step, you can pause the refresh to build a crosstab. After ending the pause, all changes are applied at once.

You can refine your analysis using conditional formatting, filter, prompting, calculations and display hierarchies. You can also add charts to your analysis. If you want to keep a status of your navigation, you can save it as an analysis view. Other users can then reuse your analysis.

For more sophisticated workbook design, the Analysis plug-in contains a dedicated set of functions in Microsoft Excel to access data and meta data of connected BW systems. There are also a number of API functions available that you can use with the Visual Basic Editor, to filter data and set values for BW variables.

You can also plan business data based on the current data in your data source. You can enter the planning data manually and you can enter planning data automatically using planning functions and planning sequences of SAP NetWeaver BW Integrated Planning.

The Analysis plug-in, must be installed on your local machine. You can connect directly to a SAP NetWeaver BW system or you can connect via a business intelligence platform to include data sources. You can use both platforms, the SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence platform and the SAP NetWeaver platform, to store and share workbooks and presentations.

Using the business intelligence platform enables you to save workbooks and presentations with their navigation state in a central management system and to reuse these analysis views in other applications such as SAP Crystal Reports or Analysis, OLAP edition.

To get a first impression of the look and feel of the Plug-in, you can have a look at the Analysis eLearning tutorials. They are available in the SAP Community Network at published on SAP site.