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You can lock input-ready cells against manual changes in planning workbooks. A locked cell is a time-limited setting that only applies to the current user session. Locked cells are displayed in a different cell style. You can also undo cell locks.

There are two implementations of the cell lock function in Analysis. These are
  • Front-end cell locks

    Cell locks are managed in the runtime for the current result set. Cell locks remain in effect so long as no significant changes are made to the result set.

  • Back-end cell locks (Single Query and Cross Query)

    Cell locks are managed exclusively in the back-end system for one single or all input-ready queries in the planning workbook. Locking cells in all queries of the workbook makes it possible for a cell that is locked in one query to be displayed as locked in other queries and to be treated as such.

You can select on the Components tab in the design panel which implementation should be applied in a workbook.

For more information about cell locking in SAP BW, see the BW documentation on the SAP Help Portal at