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Automatic roles are used as templates: they contain a menu structure with transaction calls, but do not contain any authorization data, for example. If you want to use the automatic roles delivered in the standard system, you must first adjust them in the SAP backend system.


You are familiar with the Role Maintenance (transaction PFCG).

Process Flow



       1.      You follow the Copying Automatic Roles in Customer Namespace procedure.

       2.      You process the roles that are relevant for you. For general information about this, see Changing Standard Roles.

You take any special features into account with regard to the following:

       Authorization Concept for Automatic Roles

       Menu Structure for Automatic Roles

       Use of Transactions for Automatic Roles

       3.      If necessary, you set up a Launchpad for the relevant roles (see Setting Up Launchpad).

Some of the automatic roles provided by SAP already contain a launchpad. You can use these roles and the associated launchpads as examples for adjusting your own roles.


You can see which automatic roles already contain a launchpad by using the description text *SAP_EP_* to filter the list of launchpads displayed in the Overview of Launchpads (transaction LPD_CUST).

       4.      You use the Upload tool to transfer the relevant roles to the portal (see Uploading Objects to the Portal).


In the SAP backend system, you have adjusted the roles that you require and transferred them to the portal. The roles are now available as portal roles.


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