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You can use the User Information System (transaction SUIM) to obtain an overview of the authorizations and users in your SAP system at any time using search criteria that you define. In particular, you can display lists of users to whom authorizations classified as critical are assigned.


To explicitly search for authorizations that contain the full authorization asterisk (*), you need to enter a number sign (#) before the asterisk, that is, search for #*. Otherwise, the system searches for any values.

You can also use the User Information System to:

      Compare roles and users

      Display change documents for the authorization profile of a user

      Display the transactions contained in a role

      Create where-used lists


We recommend that you regularly check the various lists that are important for you. Define a monitoring procedure and corresponding checklists to make sure that you continually review your authorization plan.

We especially recommend you determine which authorizations you consider critical and regularly review which users have these authorizations in their profiles.

The possible evaluations are described in the following sections:

      Determining Users with the Users Node 

      Determining Roles, Profiles, Authorizations, and Authorization Objects 

      Determining Transactions 

      Comparing Cross-System Users, Authorizations, Roles, and Profiles 

      Creating Where-Used Lists for Profiles 

      Creating Where-Used Lists for Authorization Objects 

      Creating Where-Used Lists for Authorizations 

      Creating Where-Used Lists for Authorization Values 

      Determining Change Documents 




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