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 SCM-APO-PPS, Continuous Production and Multi-Resource Scheduling


Technical Data

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Available From

SAP enhancement package 2 for SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM) 7.0

Technical Usage


Application Component

Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS)

Required Business Function

Not relevant

You can use this business function to optimize continuous production, particularly in process industry scenarios. An unplanned stoppage in continuous production can be an expensive and time-consuming factor in process industries; restarted operations can take several days to reach a level at which the required quality is produced. A continuous flow must therefore be ensured within specified boundaries. This can be achieved by adjusting the duration of production without changing the order quantity. For example, you can stretch or shrink operations to fill in gaps in the resource utilization.


  • You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:

    Type of Component


    Required for the Following Features Only

    Software Component

    SCM 702

    Not applicable

    Software Component

    SCM_BASIS 702

    Not applicable

    Software Component

    SCMBPLUS 702

    Not applicable

  • The heuristic SAP_PI_002 must be added to your heuristic profile for it to be accessible from the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board, Product View, or Product Planning Table.


Stretching and Shrinking Operations

This function allows you to increase or decrease the duration of an operation to ensure continuous production on each resource and to eliminate gaps between operations. You can do this without changing the quantity or other parameters. This duration must be entered as a percentage of the original duration of the operation. For example, assuming the original duration of the operation as 100%, you can redefine it as 125% to stretch the operation to 125% of its original duration.

Heuristic for Filling of Resource Gaps

You can use the heuristic SAP_PI_002 to reduce or even eliminate any gaps between operations on a resource. You do this by reducing the rate, thereby stretching activities either forward or backward, as required.

Multi-Resource Scheduling Heuristic

You can use the heuristic SAP_MULT_SCH to switch modes and sources of supply according to defined time blocks, so as to keep the receipts as close to the required date as possible. Multi-resource scheduling allows better compliance with due dates, supports finite production planning scenarios with all alternative resources, and allows alternative resources to be modeled using modes or alternative sources of supply.

Planning of Standard Lots for Conti-I/O Heuristic

The Planning of Standard Lots for Conti- I/O heuristic (SAP_PP_C001) has been enhanced with the capability of pegging at the amount specified in the product master data. A Minimum Passing Quantity parameter has been added to allow this pegging.

Optimizer Planning for Continuous I/O Nodes

You can use the PP/DS Optimizer to support accurate pegging of incremental material output/input within continuous material production/consumption. The product master allows you to include a minimum passing amount to model this pegging.

This function can be used in carrying out detailed scheduling of continuous production using optimization. It is particularly useful in two-step production, where the material is produced continuously in the first step, but is made available only in incremental amounts for consumption in the second step.