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The Data Medium Exchange (DME) Engine enables you to define file formats that meet the requirements of your financial institution. By doing so, you model an externally defined bank format in the R/3 System, which allows you to send or receive data in the form of DME files in this format.

The ability to define these formats in the R/3 System is particularly important as there is no worldwide or regional standard format. In some cases, no country standard exists and the file must comply with bank-specific standards. Covering such numerous and varied local format requirements is very difficult in standard software, but the DME Engine now enables you to define your particular local format yourself – without any ABAP programming knowledge or coding. With this Customizing tool, in the form of a graphical editor, you can define new formats flexibly and, as format requirements change, modify existing ones efficiently.


Once you have modeled an external file format as a format tree in the DME Engine, calling applications can use it to:

·        Generate an outgoing DME file as a flat file or an XML file

·        Convert an incoming DME file to a format that the R/3 System can process


The system comes complete with predefined format trees, which represent the file format requirements in a number of countries.

You can also transport format trees to other systems, or alternatively upload and download as XML files.

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