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Procedure documentationIncluding Bank Chains on Payment Lists Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In the standard system, the bank chain is not printed on the payment list or the exception list. If you want the system to include the bank chain on the printout, carry out the technical modifications detailed below.



The ABAP dictionary structures REGUH_LST (header information) and REGUP_LST (line item information) contain the output fields provided by program RFZALI20. Add the fields you require (the field CHAINTEXT for example) to the CI_INCLUDE CI_REGUH_LST with the following attributes:


Field name Data element Type Length Short description

CHAINTEXT CHAINTEXT CHAR 92 Bank chain as text

Proceed as follows:

a. Choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench ® Development ® Dictionary.

b. Select Structures, enter CI_REGUH_LST and choose Create.

The system displays a dialog box. Choose Enter.

c. Enter the required field name (CHAINTEXT for example).

You can search for the corresponding data element (CHAINTEXT for example) by choosing the possible entries key in the Type name field. Choose Execute.

d. Save the INCLUDE structure.

  1. Define Business Transaction Event "00002110"

You can use the Business Transaction Event "00002110" to enter data in the fields (CHAINTXT for example) added using CI_INCLUDE.

Proceed as follows:

    1. Copy the sample function module SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00002110 and enter the required source text (from function module FI_BL_BANKCHAIN_RFZALI20 for example) in your function module. To do so, choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench ® Development ® Function Builder. Field CHAINTEXT is filled in this function module and then made ready for output. Note that all the command lines are deactivated in this module.
    2. You now need to create a product for the Publish & Subscribe interface.

i. To do so, in Customizing for Financial Accounting choose ® Financial Accounting Global Settings ® Use business transaction events ® Settings ® Products ®of a customer.

ii. Create a new product by choosing Edit ® New entries.

iii. Enter the necessary data and save your entries.

iv. Choose Settings ® P/S function modules ®of a customer.

v. To create a new function module for the Publish & Subscribe interface, choose Edit ® New entries.

vi. Enter Event 00002110, the product, and the function module SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00002120. Save your entries.


For information on the use of business transaction events, see the Financial Accounting Global Settings section of the Implementation Guide.


The bank chain is now ready for output in the payment list.





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