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Procedure documentationDefining Bank Chains for House Banks Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Here you define which bank chain applies for incoming or outgoing payments for a given house bank.


You have created the master data for the house banks.


1. Choose Accounting ® Financial accounting ® Banking.

The system displays the Banking initial screen.

2. Choose Master data ® Bank chain ® House banks ® Edit.

3. Enter a Company code, together with a Payment currency and/or a Payment method supplement. Choose Execute.

The system displays a list of house bank accounts in the company code.

4. Choose the required bank.

The system displays the Bank Chain per Business Partner Account screen.

5. Specify the required bank chain. Choose Edit ® New entries. Enter the Currency, and if necessary the Sending bank country, the Sending bank key, and the Payment method supplement.

6. Choose Payment methods per business partner account followed by Edit ® New entries. Enter the bank number, bank category, bank country, bank key, and the Bank account of the correspondence bank.

7. Save your entries.


You have now defined a bank chain for incoming payments to a house bank account.




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