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Function documentation List of Sales Returns Orders Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use the list to determine the status of customer billing and stocks for sales returns orders.


The system generates an overview of sales returns orders based on the specified selection criteria. You can go to the individual sales returns orders and the corresponding document flow for the orders. To do so, select the required order and press the appropriate pushbutton (Change order or Document flow).


We recommend using the list to manage sales returns processing, as it presents a clear overview of all relevant information for each order and enables targeted navigation to the follow-on functions.

You can only determine the name of the processor who entered the analysis item and the date on which it was entered within this list.

You can also go directly to the settlement log.



You have just received the analysis results for a sales returns order that has not yet been settled. You call up the Sales Returns Orders List and sort the sales returns orders by settlement status. Select the Status Cust. Settl. field and press the Create button. The corresponding analysis document appears. You can now enter the necessary data.





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