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Experience has shown that manual settlement rule maintenance for very complex project hierarchy structures is very time-consuming and brings with it the risk of inconsistent characteristics in settlement of customer projects to the profitability segment. The system uses automatic generation to create the settlement rule and parameters, in accordance with the strategy defined in the IMG. The type of planning decides which strategy applies to which object:


You must define the strategy for automatic settlement rule generation in the WBS element using the Project System IMG.

You must also define a strategy in the project profile you are using.

WBS elements from capital investment projects assigned to capital investment measures are excluded from settlement rule generation.

Process Flow

  1. To generate settlement rules automatically, choose Logistics or Accounting ® Project System ® Financials ® Period-End Closing ® Individual Functions ® Settlement Rule.
  2. See also Generating Settlement Rules .

  3. The system selects the objects according to the selection criteria in the database.
  4. Using the project profile, the system determines which strategy to use for automatic rule generation. In line with the strategy, the system generates:

This determines, for example, which receivers are allowed for settlement

This stipulates how valuation and results analysis take place.

In the settlement rule, you stipulate the apportionment rules and settlement parameters. The system generates the actual settlement rule.

As a rule, the system generates a periodic settlement of 100% to the receiver entered in the strategy. You can stipulate the following account assignment categories in the strategy.

  1. For settlement to profitability segments, the system determines the characteristics per the derivation rule defined in the Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) IMG as follows:

When determining the profitability segment for the account assignment, the system runs the standard derivation, including the customer enhancements in Profitability Analysis.


The system generates the settlement rule and its parameters in the object master data.

Settlement rules generated automatically are updated under the SRGN commercial transaction. You can use a user status to forbid later changes to a settlement rule by automatic settlement rule generation.

You can change the rule generated automatically later in the project master data.



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