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This section of the ABAP Workbench documentation provides information on how to use the Debugger as a test tool for finding errors in the source code of an ABAP program.


Functions Overview

Starting the Debugger

Display Modes in the Debugger

Release Changes


Static Breakpoints

Dynamic Breakpoints

Breakpoints at Statements

Breakpoints at Subroutines

Breakpoints at Function Module Calls

Breakpoints at Methods

Breakpoints at System Exceptions

Saving Breakpoints

Managing Dynamic Breakpoints


Setting Watchpoints

Specifying Logical Links

Changing Watchpoints

Memory Monitoring with Watchpoints

Analyzing Source Code

Displaying the Source Code

Stepping Through the Source Code

Processing Fields

Processing Internal Tables

Attributes of Data Objects

Displaying Objects in ABAP Objects

Other Functions

Displaying Lists

Call Links

Debugging in Production Clients

Unlocking the Database

Settings and Warnings

Memory Consumption


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