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This component contains functions for recording and processing different types of problems (for example, problems resulting from poor-quality goods or services). You can use the notifications to analyze the recorded defects and monitor the correction of these problems. In particular, the notifications can help you process internal or external problems such as:

As an extremely flexible system, you can also use this component to process and manage information of a positive nature (for example, to implement a "suggestion system" in your company to manage improvements).

Implementation Considerations

You should implement this component if your company needs an effective and efficient tool that can:


The quality notifications are a part of the general system of notifications in the R/3 System that also includes maintenance notifications in the Plant Maintenance (PM) component and service notifications in the Customer Service (CS) component.

The quality notifications are also integrated with the following processes in the logistics supply chain:

Integration with Other Quality Management Components

If you want to

You must install

Access catalog code groups and codes to document the defect items, causes, and tasks in a quality notification

Catalog (QM-PT-BD-CAT)

Create quality notifications while processing an inspection to record quality-related problems

Quality Inspection (QM-IM)

Analyze the notification data using various evaluation tools

QM Information System (QM-QC-IS)

Create quality notifications for customer complaints over the Internet

Quality Notifications on the Internet (QM-QN-NT)

Integration with Other R/3 Components

If you want to

You must install

Settle the nonconformity costs recorded for a notification problem in a QM order

Controlling (CO)

Trigger workflow tasks in the course of notification processing.

SAP Business Workflow (BC-BMT-WFM)

Store notification-related documents in an optical archive

SAP ArchiveLink (BC-SRV-ARL)

Classify defect items in a notification using general characteristics

Classification System (CA-CL)

Link documents managed in the R/3 System's Document Management System to a quality notification

Document Management System (CA-DMS)


The quality notifications include a wide range of features and functions. In general, you can use a quality notification to:

In addition, this component also allows you to selectively generate lists of recorded notifications for processing or evaluation purposes.

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