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Procedure documentation Creating Nodes Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


       1.      For the first node, position the cursor on the root node and choose the pull-down menu next to the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text icon, or do a right mouse click on the root node and select the node you want to create.

       2.      For successive nodes, double-click the node above where you want to insert the next node, which the tool highlights with a blue arrow (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text). You can then specify whether you want to insert the node on the same level or as a subnode.


Certain restrictions apply to node relationships within a format tree, but the tool only offers you subsequent nodes that are permitted – provided you double-click the node you want to insert beneath. For instance, an element cannot have a segment as a subnode, so this is not an option when you insert a node that follows an element.

3.       Depending on the type of node you create, various data can be maintained in the detailed view to the right of the format tree. For more information on the individual fields, choose the field help.


In format trees for the payment program (tree type PAYM, flat-file format), you can specify output options (on the Node info tab) and conditions for segments, while elements can be assigned a mapping procedure and the corresponding origin, aggregation, and condition information. You can additionally enter up to three lines of comments, on the Comment tab, for each node type except for the header.    

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