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For each DMEE tree type, a set of possible source fields (for outgoing files) or target fields (for incoming files) is predefined by SAP. These fields form the source/target field inventory, which is generated automatically during the data-selection step. You can select from these fields in the data-mapping process.

The source/target field inventory can consist of the following fields, depending on the tree type:

These fields are dependent on the particular application.

These fields are made available for each application. An example is the system date.

These fields are additional ABAP system fields that are usually not selected in the data-mapping process. However, they are still made available in the case that you require such source fields.

These fields are specific to the tree type PAYM (payment program). If the appropriate settings are defined in Customizing for Payment Medium Formats for the Payment Medium Workbench and you select one of these fields as your source field, then a value will be filled in this target field.

These fields are specific to the tree type WTRE (withholding tax reporting). By choosing one of these fields, you map data that has been defined in Customizing and that remains unchanged.

Selecting Fields from the Source/Target Field Inventory

To select a field from the source/target field inventory, double-click the document icon to the left of the field name, and the system transfers the structure and the field name to the mapping source above. For a description of the fields, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. To branch from the structure directly to the ABAP Dictionary, choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

You can also insert a new element in the format tree directly from the source/target field inventory by highlighting the field name and dragging it to the format tree. The element is inserted after the last node in the structure and assigned the technical name of the field.

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