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Function documentation Sales Document for the Sales Returns Order Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


A sales document is the verification of a business transaction (sales returns processing in this case) in sales and distribution processing. The sales document for the sales returns order is the predecessor document for the customer’s credit memo.



       1.      The system generates an item with the appropriate quantity in the sales document for the sales returns order for each item in the analysis document. The system generates a separate item in the sales document for the tied empties in the order item. The empties quantity is calculated from the proportional order quantity. The sales quantity can differ from the proportional order quantity and the stock quantity.

       2.      The system determines the item category from the key combination Analysis results and Refunding indicator. If there is no entry, the system uses item category determination in SAP R/3.
The empty is taken on with SAP R/3 item category determination if the system did not previously create an empties credit memo. The empties quantity corresponds to the proportional order quantity.

       3.      The system does not copy the reason for rejection to the target document. The reason for rejection remains in the source document for statistical analyses.

       4.      The sales documents are processing further in SAP R/3. The system updates the document flow.



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