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Background documentation Documents in Sales Returns Processing Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The system uses the following documents for sales returns processing as verification of a business transaction:

·        Sales returns document (sales returns order)

·        Delivery document (returns delivery)

·        Goods receipt posting (material document)

·        Analysis document


You use the analysis document to record the results of the analysis for the individual order items from the corresponding sales returns order. The analysis document remains in the system, and is therefore available to change or display at any time.

You cannot display the analysis document in the document flow.


·        Reversal document (goods receipt delivery reversal)


If the system determines a difference between the proportional order quantity and the stock quantity within an analysis item (in the analysis document), a difference document is created for all materials during settlement. The difference document is a reversal document for the goods receipt posting, and reduces the goods receipt quantity for the sales returns order by this difference.


·        Empties credit memo (sales returns empties credit memo)

·        Credit memo (sales returns customer settlement)

·        Posting change (material document; posting change in plant)

·        Stock transfer (material document; stock transfer in plant)

·        Issue posting

·        Receipt posting for empties


The terms in italics are the terms used by the system in the document flow for sales returns processing.




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