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Procedure documentation Creating a Sales Returns Order Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You use sales returns management to enter items that the customer has returned, in order to analyze and settle them in a subsequent step.


Use the sales document type that you configured in Customizing to enter the sales returns order.
We recommend setting a billing block for the configured sales returns document type, to prevent an automatic credit memo from being created.


If the system does not generate delivery when you enter the sales returns order, you will have to create a delivery with goods receipt posting before settlement. You cannot create the delivery until you have entered the analysis.



To create a sales returns order report, proceed as follows:


       1.      Starting from the SAP menu, choose:

Logistics ® Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Order ® Create.


Choose a suitable order type for entering the returns.


The Create Sales Order (Initial Screen) screen appears.

       2.      Enter the necessary data.

       3.      Press Enter.

The Create Sales Returns <ORDERTYPE>:Overview screen appears.

       4.      Enter the necessary data.

You enter the data in the SAP R/3 order entry transaction. The system automatically generates the empties items and creates them as subitems.

You can enter a reason for rejection, if known, for each main item (for example, based on the driver’s documents).
The reason for rejection is not relevant for the later analysis processing.


You first have to define the required reasons for rejection in Customizing in the Define Reasons for Rejection table (Sales and Distribution ® Sales ® Sales Documents ® Sales Document Item). You configure the reasons for rejection in the SAP R/3 order entry transaction.


       5.      Save your entries.


Depending on the Customizing settings, the system may generate the delivery and post the corresponding goods receipt when you save. With this approach, the system enables near-time recording of sales returns stocks.




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