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You use this program to convert incoming data medium exchange (DME) files to a format that the R/3 System can read and process.


You have already created a format tree in the DME Engine that models the format of the DME file you are importing.


To access the program, from the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Accounting ® Financial Accounting ® Banks ® Incomings ® Bank Statement ® Convert with DME Engine.

When you run the program, fill out the following group boxes:

Specify which tree type (currently, only MCSH) and format tree the program is to use to convert the incoming file.

Specify where the program is to read the incoming file from, and its name and record format.

Specify where the incoming file, once converted, is to be written to, as well as a name for the converted file. If the program generates two files in the conversion process (as is the case for tree type MCSH), then you only enter one file name and the system automatically creates two files from it. For example, if you enter name.txt as the file name, the system then creates name_1.txt and name_2.txt.

If you want the program to perform the checks for the incoming file (defined in the DMEE format tree you are using in the conversion) and to generate a log containing the results, set the Generate Check Results indicator (refer to the field help for further details).


We recommend that you always set this indicator (it is set by default), because if you deselect it and errors occur during the file check, the system still creates a converted file (which would be erroneous in this case).

You also have the option of logging all or selected data contained in the incoming file.

If you select both log options, the system displays the results in a single log.

Here, you can specify that you want the conversion program to transfer the file to another report for automatic further processing (such as posting and clearing of electronic bank statements). For more details on this option, refer to the field help.

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