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A note to payee is a field on a data medium containing information on paid line items relevant for the business partner.

Number and length of the note to payee fields are defined in the payment medium format, whilst the content itself is defined in the note to payee.


SAP provides predefined notes to payee that you can adapt for your own formats. Notes to payee are structured according to the following methods:

To adapt a note to payee, in Customizing for Financial Accounting, choose Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ® Business Transactions ® Outgoing Payments ® Automatic Outgoing Payments ® Payment Media ® Make Settings for Payment Medium Formats from Payment Medium Workbench ® Adjust Note to Payee.


The note to payee consists of a maximum of 6 different line types:

  1. Main note to payee for description of the payment, for example with the payment of invoices in the lines there is the invoice number, the invoice date, and/or the invoice amount.
  2. Internal short reference for your company for identification of the transaction in case of failed payment. This could be the number of the payment document, for example.
  3. External short reference for your business partner, a contract/customer number, for example.
  4. Payment advice note that replaces the lines of type 1 where there is not sufficient space available.

5. and 6. See Alternative Payer, Alternative Payee.


The note to payee is independent of format, a separate entity that exists alongside the formats. You can assign the note to payee to a format via the payment method and the origin. You can assign a note to payee to several formats, thus minimizing the effort involved.


Line type 1

Main note to payee line 1

No. 746 999 from 01.01.2000

Line type 1

Main note to payee line 2

No. 333 934 from 02.15.2000

Line type 1

Main note to payee line 3

No. 4 734 from 02.20.2000

Line type 1

Main note to payee line 4

Visit our homepage: www.sap.com

Line type 2

Internal short reference

Payment document 6 785 987

Line type 3

External short reference

Our account with you: 345 876




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