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Procedure documentation Downloading a DME File onto Disk Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The downloading function within DME administration enables you to create a copy of the data medium on your PC. This procedure is logged in the system. You can create as many duplicates of a data medium as you wish. Only the administrative data from the last download is stored in the system.

When writing a file to drives A or B, you can also assign a volume label. To print the relevant volume number onto your disk accompanying sheet when running the payment medium program, maintain the symbol &REGUD-LABEL& in the form you use for the disk accompanying sheet.


  1. Choose Accounting ® Financial accounting ® Accounts payable ® Periodic processing ® Payments, then Environment ® Payment medium ® DME administration.
  2. The system displays the DME administration initial screen.

  3. Enter the reference number or the paying company code and the bank country. You can make further selections by payment run date and identification. In the standard system, the default setting is that you want to see the payment run data which has not yet been downloaded to the PC. The fields Payment run and Data medium (not yet transferred externally) are selected.
  4. Choose Edit ® Overview.
  5. Select one or more data media and then choose Edit ® Download...
  6. The system displays a dialog box.

  7. Enter a file name including path. If you are downloading to a disk, you can also add a volume number to the disk. Select the Volume field. The standard system proposes the number printed on the accompanying sheet. You can allocate the accompanying sheet to the correct disk at a later stage using this number. You can, however, also give the disk another name.
  8. Choose Continue. The system may ask whether you have loaded a disk. When you confirm this, the download is carried out. If you have selected several data media to be downloaded, the system will ask you to load a new disk before each further disk is written to.


If the data media from the payment program are stored in the file system and not in the SAP system (TemSe), then the system already interprets this procedure as a download. You therefore only find data media created in this way in the DME administration if you choose Data medium (transmit.to external).



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