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Data medium administration (DME administration) helps you to manage the data media that you create in Financial Accounting and in Human Resources.

In the Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable menu, choose Periodic processing ® Payments . The system displays the Automatic Payment Transactions: Status screen. From here, choose Environment ® Payment medium ® DME administration to reach the DME administration screen.

In the Payroll country menus, choose Payroll ® Bank transfer ® DME management.

In the DME administration overview, the system displays all the data media created with the selection criteria you have specified. You can call up further information for each data medium. Select the required data medium.


DME administration includes the following functions:

Choose Extras ® DME attributes

The system displays the following information for the selected data medium:

The accompanying administrative data is deleted from the system at the same time.

Select the required data medium and then choose Edit ® Delete data medium. A confirmation prompt appears. The selected data media are deleted when you confirm this prompt.

If you wish to delete data media from several company codes, then you should use the reorganization function within the payment program.

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Deleting DME Administrative Data Across Company Codes

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Downloading a DME File onto Disk

Choose Edit ® Display DME contents from the DME administration overview screen.



The following functions are not available for payments from Human Resources (HR).

Choose Extras ® DME attributes and then Environment ® Display documents. By selecting Choose, you branch into the selected payment document.

To do this, choose Extras ® Bk transact.attribs from the DME administration overview screen. If your electronic account statements are processed automatically, then the system fills in the fields within the Account statement group.

To do this, choose Extras ® Payment summary from the DME administration overview screen.

If you do not use the automatic transfer of electronic account statements but instead enter the account statement data manually, you can simplify this work by means of payment advice notes within DME administration.

You can create a payment advice note for a specified data medium using Environment ® Generate doc.pmt adv. You can enter this payment advice number at a later stage when clearing the bank clearing account. During clearing, the system then only proposes those open items which belong to the payments specified in the payment advice.

You can find more information on the use of this function in Great Britain, (for the creation of a Telepay file, for example) in the documentation of report RFFODTA1.




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